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Zeiss Primo Star Digital
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With the help of AxioVision microscope software, the whole world of camera technology is open to you: TV cameras, digital cameras and the special AxioCam microscope cameras from Carl Zeiss. Using the AxioVision LE software, an extremely good value solution, immediately presents itself with regard to digital, interactive image analysis and documentation for select digital cameras from Canon. This solution is available specifically for education and simple laboratory applications.

Zeiss AxioCam IC
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Intelligent integration:
with AxioVision anything is possible

Diverse applications demand performance. You can use AxioCam IC with AxioVision software modules for botany, zoology, pathology and histology applications as well as in damage documentation and analysis, quality testing, production control and forensics. Brightfield applications or other techniques with sufficient light intensity are ideals for Axio Cam IC cameras. AxioVision LE is provided with AxioCam IC creating a great combination with image processing and analysis capabilities.

Zeiss Axiocam MRm Fluorescence
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The visible difference:
maximum sensitivity for weak fluorescence

High performance right down to the smallest detail: all the components of the AxioCam MRm have been specially designed for use under difficult lighting conditions.

Zeiss Axiocam HR
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Superior performance for research and routine work – brilliant quality documentation

Increasingly complex applications in pathology, developmental biology and material science demand microscope systems and camera technologies that reach the very limits of what is physically possible. A Carl Zeiss camera that meets even the highest demands of digital documentation has established itself in high-end microscopy. The monochrome version is, ideally suited to Live Cell Imaging – even at high speeds. The color variant can be used universally: in fields ranging from materials sciences and the materials industry, pathology, cytology, hematology and histology through to botany, zoology, forensics and pharmacology.

Accu-Scope DC9 LCD
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The ACCU-SCOPE®/UNITRON® DC9 pixel shifting digital color camera with a 2 inch LCD screen and 3.1 mega pixels, high–resolution imaging capability is ideal for basic high school, college, university, veterinary and industrial use.

Compatible with all entry level microscopes, this camera provides a powerful, yet easy to use system for any user or student. When combined with Micro C software, it is the perfect solution for performing various imaging tasks.

Accu-Scope TC-500 Pro
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The TCS Pro 500 The perfect combination of HD video display, camera, tablet PC, and image analysis software!

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Produce crystal clear, vibrant images with Lumenera’s INFINITY microscopy cameras. Our user friendly USB 2.0 cameras range inresolution from 1.4 to 32 megapixel and feature CMOS, CCD, High Definition (HD), low light CCD, large format, research-grade and pixel shifting technologies. As one of the most respected digital camera manufacturers in the scientific market, we install thousands of INFINITY cameras each year into life science, clinical and industrial applications. Trust Lumenera to provide high quality, scientific-grade cameras complete with feature rich software packages at the best price-to-performance ratio in the market.

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