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Zeiss Axio-Scope
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Axio Scope is as individual as the applications that you use it for. You can customize your stand from five upper parts, three lower parts and two vario columns. For simple or more complex tasks. For transmitted-light, reflectedlight or fluorescence. What is important is that you no longer invest in functions that you don’t even use – a tangible advantage for your budget.

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Ergonomic. Easy-to-Use. Durable.

Developed for bio-medical laboratories, for universities and training courses: Axio Lab.A1 is unmatched when it comes to performance and optics. Highly ergonomic, easy to operate and brilliant image quality for versatile medical applications

Zeiss AXIO-LAB Multidiscussion
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With the new multidiscussion system from Carl Zeiss, it is possible for the first time to achieve identical image orientations for all co-observers. Regardless of the configuration and number of observers, each co-observer sees the same image in the same orientation as the main observer. It does not matter whether 2 or 20 observers are working on the system, or whether it is configured in a straight line or around 5 corners. Irritations caused by rotated or mirrored images are therefore ruled out right from the start – top left is always top left for each and every observer.

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Carl Zeiss has developed ten packages for Primo Star which are geared entirely toward the everyday routine work of education and laboratory practice. The high Carl Zeiss standard of quality is common to all variants. The difference lies in the detail: depending on the level of education and requirement profile, the individual packages differ slightly in what they offer. This means that you get exactly what your daily practice calls for.

Zeiss Primo Vert
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Affordable. Easy to Use. Ergnomic.

The inverted microscope Primo Vert is focused on the essentials: Excellent optical quality, ease of use, choice of high quality materials and an appealing design are all available at an affordable price.

Primo Vert addresses both routine and cutting-edge research laboratories which require compact and reliable microscopes for checking cells quickly and efficiently.  The microscope can also be used by students in advanced course room settings.

Zeiss Stemi DV4 Stereo
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Thanks to true-color images, combined with the possibility of switching between and mixing reflected and transmitted light, rapid and precise diagnoses can be achieved in biological laboratories.

Zeiss Stemi 2000
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Carl Zeiss Stemi 2000 stereomicroscopes definitely rank among the leading instruments of their performance class. Their deservedly fine reputation among the world’s laboratories and industrial plants is mainly due to their unexcelled imaging quality in terms of contrast, depth of field and resolving power. The peerless standard 23 mm field of view lets you observe a specimen field sized up to 35 mm.

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The 3025-BE-CS model is the newest addition to ACCU-SCOPE’s successful 3025 Series of microscopes.

With a new, improved ergo tilting head and tension adjustable ceramic stage, the 3025-BE-CS sets a new standard for performance and value.

A comprehensive range of optics and illumination options make the 3025 Series a great choice for pathology, microbiology, and cytology applications.

The 3025 Series is also available with a fluorescence module, phase contrast, and multi-viewing teaching systems

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The ACCU-SCOPE 3012 is well suited for the smaller satellite laboratories and veterinarians.

Designed for years of dependability, the Accu-Scope 3012 is designed for performance with its outstanding optics.  ACCU-SCOPE has an exclusive infinity optical system which excels at correcting both chromatic aberration and curvature of the field of view.  This means clear, bright images at every magnification.

ACCU-SCOPE Inverted Microscope Series
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Featuring ACCU-SCOPE’s AIS plan fluor optics, this system incorporates B and G excitations as standard on a 3 position filter cube slider. The integrated 100 watt mercury light illuminator and high resolution AIS plan fluor objectives provide unsurpassed performance and value for routine fluorescence observation. A wide variety of excitation cubes are available, allowing the system to be easily customized according to user requirements.

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